002 – Top things to do in Tui – ES -> Two contries on foot

On the banks of the River Minho, South of Galicia, lies a city, as old as humanity, some might say. During the Roman ancient period (before I AD) the city was named Tude. As it turns out, it would change its name to TUI, it will have an episcopal see in the VI-th century, many wars, total abandonment during the vikings, and the Cathedral in the XI-XIII-th century.


Here is Tui in 5 photos:


002.1 Tui, as seen from the Santo Domingo church.


002.2 Driving through the International Bridge, built-in 1879 (1884 acording to other sources) by Gustave Eiffel.


002.3 Camino entre Fornos (The way between ovens => actual name of the street).


002.4 Capela da Misericordia, and the mountains of Galicia.


002.5 Lots of small white square windows -> the architectural motif of coastal Galicia

If you saw the previous article, then you might know that this location, full of history and granite is just across the river Minho, at a 35 minute walk from the Valenca Fortress to the next great view.


Click on the map or here to get to the interactive map on full screen.

The Tui area has been populated for more than 22.000 years, and since then, the landscape has been shaped more and more. In fact, in the night, the city offers quite a vista.


002.6 Tui as seen from the top of the walls of Valenca.


002.7 Tui train-station, situated at 30min walk from the old town’s center. 


002.8 On foot on the International Bridge (inspired by Eiffel’s works).


002.9 Not in Spain, nor in Portugal. In between.

If you drive, come by train, or walk from Valenca, you should definitely search for the San Domingo Church (click the link next to the map). From this point you get a great view over Tui. So check your calendar and schedule your next perfect sunset/sunrise over a medieval looking city, that has a touch Romanesque and Gothic to it.


002.10 San Domingo Church, best place to get a view over Tui. Check back the 002.1 picture. From center city to here, there is a 12 min walk.


002.11 Azulejos (blue tiles) on a house, on the Spanish side of Minho River.


002.12 The Justice Palace.


002.13 Santa Maria of Tui Cathedral, visible from everywhere, in town.


002.14 The gate to the alley next to the wall of the Cathedral.


002.15 The arches of Tui Cathedral.

There are many more things to say about Tui, in words.

For instance, today, the city is an important stop for travelers heading to Santiago de Compostela. And because of that, there are many fancy restaurants (unlike Valenca…) very pricey, but modern and rustic at the same time. Also here in Tui there are many places for pilgrims to sleep and get ready for the next day.

Tui is so different from the neighbour from the other side of the river, even in terms of noise; well is more quiet than Valenca, since there are no merchants to scream…

Parking places are hard to find and on some narrow, cornering streets, is risky to leave your car. Best one I used was in the city center, next to the Palace of Justice (is free in the weekends, otherwise you need to pay every 2 hours). There is another parking place, more safe, for free, but I would probably be taken for someone who makes publicity… Just Google Outlet Tui and there, as a bonus, you can get yourself some clothes at questionable discounts.

There is no airport here, yet the closest ones are Santiago de Compostela/ A Coruna (they have international links), Vigo (from Madrid) and Porto (international airport). From Portugal, you can rent a car, take a bus or even a train.

For the bus, the best way I know, is to take it from http://ventas.autna.com and get down in Valenca. Using AUTNA bus you have a connection from the International Airport in Porto, you can buy your ticket online and plan better.

If you come from Spain, chances are, that you used already ATSA bus. Here is a timetable.

By train is easy. Just download the apps for RENFE (Spanish Rail) or CP (Portuguese Rail) and find the train you like the most, but I have to say that there are more trains to Valenca then from Spain to Tui.

So, in the end, best way to discover the western side of the continental Europe, is by starting with Portugal. Get to Valenca (check article here) and walk to Tui. Visit it, it is beautiful and it’s worth it. After that, take the touristic train on wheels back to Valenca, and …

Read about the next stop on the 003.


Tui sym 2

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