004 – Top things to do in Braga – PT – the old capital (short version)

We continue where we left off in 003, this time with a big stop. We will get a good look at one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal, that is less known than Porto who is less known than Lisbon who is also less famous than Ronaldo…

I am talking about:


004.1 Braga letters next to the Camara Municipal de Braga.

Normally I would give a top 5 pictures and present some more afterwards, but this time I am thinking to split the story in half.

This is the “short” version article with many images and not so well explained, and in the next article, we will have a more in-depth view with more images (others) and more facts (others).

Braga Card2020

But I will say this much:

It really is a beautiful location, not so crowded (most people stop at Porto, and don’t go so far north) meaning accommodations and parking places are not so hard to find. But in a few years from now, everything could change…

Screenshot 2019-03-23 at 17.27.57.png

Click on the map or here to get to the interactive map on full-screen mode.

Braga offers to the curious ones everything from the ancient Roman period to the medieval, romantic and modern age, so whatever you like, you will find something to take a photo of. Besides Braga has lots of colours -> you will see that in a bit!

Let’s start with the most famous place in Braga:


004.2 Bom Jesus do Monte, the most impressive religious establishment in Portugal. Finished in 1881 it features beautiful gardens, a great view over Braga, lots of tourists and a Furnicular (dating from 1882).


004.3 Palacio do Raio or the gorgeous blue ceramic palace, built in the XVIII-th century


004.4 Se Cathedral and a vintage car. No, you will not find them both, but know this: here in the VI-th century a religious establishment was destroyed, and by the XI-th century this Cathedral took the place. Also to the left of the photo, there is a street with dozens of restaurants, hand made objects, antiques and lots more.


004.5 On the Rua Dom Paio Mendes you can find everything from guitars to cotton ice-creams


004.6 Hand made store on Rua Dom Paio Medes


004.7 In this area and especially towards the Pio Museum, is a festival of colours on the streets -> starting with colourful ceramics.


004.8 And if the walls are dull, the doors are truly happy and come in many colours. (much like a Pixar animation)


004.9 But not all is colours and joy in Braga. There are many places that kinda make you feel small -> Irmandade de Santa Cruz, next to the Sao Marcos (in my back as I am taking the photo) is one huge cathedral with an impressive facade. Follow the road to the left and you will find the colourful buildings/doors seen above.


004.10 And is quite a shame when you wonder like this and find impressive buildings, but … deserted, like Edificio do Castelo ( to the right of the image). Probably one day I will restore the building to its glory days and showcase photos from all around the world. (if I win the lottery)


004.11 Hidden behind tall churches and empty buildings, lies a last vestige or the XIV-th century fortifications -> the Tower of Braga.


004.12 Guarding over Braga, on top of the Tower, lies a green Dragon. I am joking, in fact, this fountain statue lies next to the Santa Barbara gardens.


004.13 Santa Barbara garden and the walls of Antigo Paco (some of it dates as far as the XIV-th century, some more close to our days). More on this on 005.


004.14 The view over Braga from Monte do Picoto (the place where teenagers eat their McDonalds and watch the sunset)

Now I really hope I piqued your interest and you will join me also on part 2, where I will share more images, information on how to get here, what to see and in which order.

But if long articles are not your thing, then on 006 we will Cruz back in time with the help of steam and some wine.



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