015 – Top things to do in Lourinha – PT – Dinosaur Land/park/museum

Just after visiting Peniche, on road to Lisbon, we came across many signs on the road as there was a Dinosaur Park in Lourinha. Maybe the real address was written but when I checked on the Maps.me application, we saw a village and a Museum. So because I love Dinosaurs, we went there to check it out.

015 Lourinha map2020

This in Lourinha, the place that has a dinosaur named after the region.

lourinha map

Click on the map to get an interactive look


015.1 The stop to make a photo

Like I said, on the road, we saw an advert about Dino Park.

How one might ask?

Well on the road I saw this big, all red circus tent that caught my eyes (as a co-pilot). After stopping and taking several pictures I saw the many papers glued on the posts so then I got to searching about that place.

Lourinha was so close to the main road, we said we should stop for a bit.


015.2 Santa Maria do Castelo Church

As we entered the small town we searched and search for the big Museum, but nowhere to be found. (I have to note also that there were festivities so it wasn’t too easy to check as it was crowded)


015.3 Lourinhasaurus – Late Jurassic

In fact, as we passed several times on the small streets (by car) we saw this dinosaur next to a white house, so we decided to give it a try. Maybe it’s there…


015.4 Inside the Museum of Lorinha

Inside the museum, we are shown different objects from different epochs. All random, from weapons to spoons to barber chairs.


015.5 Reproduction of an interior in a Portuguese house

There are even several chambers to show the furniture, the toys, the way of living → now compare it to Ikea’s way of life where every corner has to have something made of cardboard. Have to admit that the walls were very lonely.


015.6 The dinosaur museum

On a separate house (inside the court) you will find this reproduction hanging on the white wall → as from Jurassic Movie → and for good reason.


015.7 Lourinha lizards

The museum and the park are no joke and they are not here just because some rich guy with a passion for bones came to live here and said to himself -> I should make a dino museum.

In fact in the region of Lourinha Formation, there are many (many) predator bones from different dinosaurs, mostly from the Late Jurassic Era.

The Lourinha lizard or Lourinhasaurus was discovered not far from the site of the museum (actually as you saw on the map, the ocean, beach, shore… are not far → but the park is a bit far from the village so you need a car).

This dinosaur,  Lourinhasaurus, is one of the largest discovered in the area. But keep in mind that back in the article 010 Serra de Aire, there are footprints of the largest animals to ever step on the ground → Sauropods. So to “see” the biggest Dinosaurs I suggest you check that article first.


015.8 Reproduction of a predator Dinosaur

The museum is full of reproductions, maybe the real deal is in someone’s collection or in one of those big museums in big cities who say: “found in Portugal in Lourinha”… found … Same goes for mummies, art, statues from Italy, ceramics from Greece → all found in their countries, on the floor forgot (I am being sarcastic, but more on that much later when I show you Paris/London)


015.9 By water, dominating the sky, or a nightmare on the land

While the museum itself is not large (is very very small, if you do not read the texts), they succeeded in cramming in one place flying dinosaurs, swimming dinosaurs, and obviously terrain. On each wall, you get more information sometimes in English also.


015.10 Bones on the ground

While a good attraction place for kids (as they can touch most things since they are reproductions) I also liked it because it is a good thing to see before visiting a gem packed city with many temptations and not that much time. It gives you the feeling of completion if that is a thing.

The good part is that you can get here by car and by bus (but you should know a bit of Portuguese for the latter). The bad side, for me, was that there is no train so many stops, much time, many curves and you should just consider renting a car. No way you can walk to here, we are far, and no way you can walk to the Dino Park, that I did not visit yet (did not know it was so far until it was too late).

Will I return here? Probably not, but never say never.

I would very much like to see Dino Park even if it’s made with “puppets”. But they are real scale “puppets”.

So yeah, next time I go close to Lisbon I will go back to Lourinha for that Park.

But until then, let us continue our descend to Lisbon.



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