018 – Top things to do in Sintra – PT – Moors castle

On a remote region, very idyllic and well protected, in the 8th and 9th centuries the Moors built a castle. And since then these man made walls, stood many events both natural and human driven.

Today is a ruin, but one of the best for visiting, photographing and filming.

This is the Moors Castle:

018.1 Moors Castle on top of Sintra Mountains

Click on the map or here to get a better view

For me, this was the first monument that I saw in Sintra, a few years ago.

And only after seeing this view, I decided to come back as soon as possible (this view and a book about sightseeing) and explore some more.

018.2 Moors Castle to the left and Pena to the right.

To be honest with you, I wanted to go to Pena Castle (at first), like most people do when they hear about Sintra. But when I arrived there, it was late and they were closing soon, and I said to myself that maybe I will come back and see it some other day…

So we hurried back on the trail (see the monument icon on the map?) and from there back up the mountain again but with the direction: Moors Castle.

018.3 Through the trees, walls can be seen

The climb, is not that easy, so I would so not come here during the summer. Also the people of Portugal, have that one hour difference, so they open later the restaurants, that means you go to sleep even more late than usual, so… waking up early is not that easy. And because of the climb, I would advice against eating to much.

018.4 The alleys, the walls

And most of your journey you will be seeing the nature, and the ruins that surround it, or are being surrounded. And because most people go to Pena or Regaleira in the morning, it means you will not find that many tourists here. But the problem is, the sunset is very beautiful in this region, so yeah, most people do come here after visiting another place first.

Sorry if I could not help you more… Best is to get that beautiful warm light but it can be too agglomerated or too hot; easiest is to get that tranquility and refreshing breeze from the morning.

018.5 Lots of sky, and lots of panorama view

What I did enjoy the most, and most people I think share the same opinion, was to walk on top of the walls, like sentinels, looking down at the city, or at eagles 😊

018.6 The stairs going up (or down)

Now don’t get me wrong, to get this photo (from above), you will need to wait, and make people upset because you are not advancing so they can use their silvery/plastic sticks.

As you probably saw, my advice to come in the morning, when batteries are best charged is the good option right here.

Just look at this view from the train station. Moors Ruins are not really just up a hill, but rather a mountain (so is Pena to be honest, but there is more to see)

018.7 View of the Moors Castle from Sintra Train Station

So that is why, on pixelstravel.com I did not start with Moors, nor with Pena.

For one, I like to leave the best for the last (and boy I have a surprise in store for you) and secondly, while visiting first Sintra (that takes a lot of energy if you have some gear with you) and then Regaleira Estate (Palace) you get your feet warmed up.

Moors Castle, if somebody wishes, can be skipped.

018.8 Moors Castle from Sintra

I mean, if you are on a budget of time, I would say start with Sintra first day, then Pena Castle and then if you got more time, Regaleira and Monserrate (my favorite place).

Most pictures you will take of the Moors are without a doubt from the Sintra area, so not from inside.

And inside you will find a chapel that was long forgotten and also a bunch of skeletons from digs.

018. Tombs dating the 13th century

I am not an Indiana Jones type of person, more like nature/beautiful scenery, so tombs are great, but not here… maybe in a more less interesting place where temptations do not rest to the right or to the left side…

And this is the point I want to stress out:

From the Moors Castle, from the walls, with a 200mm zoom lens, you get super photos of Pena Castle.

So yeah, if you want those great photos, and you have something more than your phone, you should get to Moors, for that view. It is superb, and if you are lucky and you don’t have mist (or maybe it will work in your advantage) that you should really go to Moors Castle.

For now I will end it here, and see you at Pena Castle next.



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