021 – Top things to do in Lisbon – PT – The Trains and their stations

Lisbon is huge! And not just that, but if you follow the pixelstravel.com from a few articles, it means you just saw Sintra, So get ready for a whole lot more history, modern landscape, ship battles, towers, colorful streets and walls.

So because there is so much to cover, again, I was thinking why not start this time with trains!

Usually I would show the main attractions in a few images, but this time I will show the attraction, from my opinion: Oriente Station.

021.1 Oriente Station

Click on the map or here to get a better view

I started with Oriente because most likely here is where you would start you adventure in Lisbon. (the train from Sintra, comes here, and so does the one from Porto, if you come from there. From the airport, a metro will connect you to the city centre)

This gorgeous station was built (much like the whole area around – 022 article) for the 1998 Expo.

Everything is modern about it, and it is so iconic that I had to do the station in Blender. And to match it I made also a locomotive, both in high detail -> see them further down the post.

021.2 View from inside the station

For those who love to get a more history rich view of a train station, I would recommend going (by train of course) to Capolide. There he or she, will see a beautiful aqueduct that is iconic and that can be seen from the plane. (I did). Sadly, I wasn’t there on this trip, because like I said in the beginning, Lisbon is a huge city, and so many things to see and to do. I marked the place on the map above – is the dot the most northern on the map.

So, from Oriente Station, I started my journey to the Lisbon Central area.

While on the road I passed a siding filled with container wagons and hopper wagons:

021.4 CP PT Tagds, cereal wagon

021.5 CP PT Tgds, also cereal wagon.

Continuing the journey south, along the Tejo river (or Tagus), we almost reach the Apolonia Station. But before than, many trains can still be seen, including many from Spain on both sides of the road (docks or main line). I will not show the Spanish Talgo, but instead a train that made me think of my favourite train set, the Rail Jet from OBB:

021.6 CP 3500 series in red livery

These urban trains are made some by Alstom, some by CAF. I think that the white and blue variant is made by the latter…Here is the same CP 3500 but made by CAF in white and blue livery, inside the 25 of Abril Bridge, departing from Lisbon.

021.7 CP 3500 series in white and blue livery

Santa Apolonia train station was destined to be the railway terminus for those who wished to travel to America. A train station meant to connect Portugal to Spain and thus Europe, but because it was to far from the centre of the city, to close to Tagus River, it got delayed so much, until all the glamour that supposed to be, got washed away. It was finished in 1865.

021.8 Santa Apolonia, façade

Honestly, the train station is quite dull both inside and outside. I mean this image could have been made also in Braga if you ask me.

021.9 Santa Apolonia, inside

One might ask: Where are the Azulejos? I mean where is the beauty seen in Porto? Even the paint on Santa Apolonia it is dull…

021.10 Santa Apolonia platform with an InterCity coach

What saves the station, are the colourful buildings and the view over the National Pantheon.

What I liked the most was that this station I got to buy pins with various locomotives from Portugal, keychains with the locomotives from Portugal, and also, I got to see in real the Euro-Sprinter 64P locomotive:

021.11 ES 64P locomotive

More than that, I took a photo with myself and the beautiful machine (I really love the Euro-Sprinter series, I own many models from this series) that I put on a magnet. Also, in Lisbon, bought the same locomotive, as a scale model.

So given my interest in this machine, is no wonder that I would make it in 3D in Blender:

021.12 ES 64P locomotive made in Blender, as well as the Oriente Train Station.

The next station that I have visited, was the Rossio Station, completed in the 1886 (some time after the Apolonia) and this is the beautiful station that should represent the gateway to new worlds.

021.13 Rossio Station

It truly fits to Lisbon, and to the whole story of romanticism that is Sintra. And I chose this picture at night, because it shows better the arches and the magnificent entry. To be fair I waited a bit for a tram to come into the frame but decided to showcase the entrance alone. Now that I think of it, this station does fit to Sintra. (I forgot to tell that in the previous article, but the station from Sintra is very dull, very classic, and the only interesting thing about it is that it has Pizza Hut inside.)

Finally, this is Cais do Sodre station. Notice how all the old stations have this beautiful, glass watch? Nice detail, something that today we would call continuity.

021.14 Cais do Sodre

Cais do Sodre railway station has one of the most beautiful entrance of all of them (that is both modern and classic, filled with glass and looks like it is inspired by the creators of patterns and trench coats: Burberry). This station was finished in 1928.

021.15 Inside the entrance of Cais do Sodre

Sadly, as beautiful as the entrance can be, this train station serves only regional trains so it is very easy to skip this one if you are a tourist. But, actually from here you can take the train to Cascais, and then a bus to Cabo da Roca (the westernmost point of mainland Europe).

021.16 CP 3265 and 54 series

I’ve never dedicated an article before, only to trains, and maybe I will do another one, since I have many more pictures about trains so it would be nice to have them all in one article.

So thank you for watching this article related to both Lisbon and Rail.



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