023 – Top things to do in Lisbon – PT – The city by night

With this final article we are concluding our stay in Lisbon and showing what was not featured previously, this time at nightfall!  

On the map I’ve put all the major pins related to where the pictures in this article were taken.

Click on the map or here to get a better view 

First, we start our journey where we left off it in the previous article, and that is at Oriente Train Station. 

 023.01 The theme of this art is the Ocean and all you see was done by the artist Erro from Island. 

There are over a dozen subway stations that are full of art and color. There is one very colorful and unique that made me think of Center Pompidou Museum in Paris and of Jules Verne -> Olais.  

023.02 Olais metro station 

The metros or subways themselves, look very much like the American counterparts, and I say that due of the stainless-steel look of them. So in my opinion the stations are all 5 stars, but the metro… well at least is not as small as in Paris…

023.03 Metro in Lisbon 

Getting out at Rossio station meant for me another chance to take some more photos of the trains.

023.04 Inside Rossio Station 

023.05 Rossio Station entrance

Once outside I walked a bit until Rossio Square and there I was granted with this majestic view of the Sao Jorge Castle. Somehow, I missed it during the day (among another things) but it does stand out more/better in the dark with projection lights on it.

023.06 Sao Jorge Castle and the view over Lisbon 

The hill where the Castle sits, is fortified since the first century BC and it stood against Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans and Moors. Finally, it became Portuguese after the 12th century… quite a troubled history that one don’t you think?  

But moving on… to another view:

023.07 Rossio Square 

Up on the other hill we see the Ruins of Carmo (to the left) and the Museum of National Guard (to the right of the church, with magenta projectors… ). 

Closer to us there is a fountain and the statue of Dom Pedro IV.

After walking just a little bit more, the famous elevator shows itself. Actually, most people are gathered here day and night.  

023.08 Santa Justa Elevator 

This elevator was built in the 1900s and as much as I would like to say that Eiffel was involved, well I would be lying.  It is made in Portugal by them, but the resemblance comes from the extensive use of iron and nits very common technology in that period of time. (same today… glass everywhere.)

Back to our Santa Justa Elevator, I would add that it rises at 45 meters from the ground and it has two wooden decorated cabins. 

023.09 Up-close to the Santa Justa Elevator 

As you could tell, Lisbon is very well lit during the night or so it was in 2017 when I visited. I say this because due to recent events Paris (where I am) is very dark at night and it wasn’t like this a few years ago. So maybe when you will go, not all the projectors will be switched on, or not until late in the night…. I hope I am wrong because this city has a lot to show. 

023.10 Long exposure photo 

Probably my best photo, at night, that is representative to Lisbon, must be the one made in the Commercial Plaza. We’ve been sitting here quite a while in hope that a tramway will come, but we were really tired, and, in the summer, the sun goes down pretty late, so we were afraid that the touristic tram is long gone.  

023.11 Main Square – Praca do Comercio

We had luck! Maybe the last one of the day/night passed by and as you can see it is not empty.  

023.12 Arco Triunfal da Rua Augusta and the iconic yellow tramway 

And if the Yellow/White Justice building is not enough, how about a yellow/white tramway and a yellow/white boat, floating on the yellow river Tagus, under the moonlight. Funny how the White Balance setting made the moon blueish, when I could bet it was as yellow as always.  

023.13 The moon, Tagus River and a yellow boat.  

Away from the old central area, we went towards Belem Tower, that is just as beautifully lit during the night as the other monuments.  

But first here is the Camera Municipal of Lisbon, sitting in the dark, next to the Museo do Banca de Portugal lit in golden hue.  

023.14 Lisbon City Hall 

From there we went past Cais do Sodre and we came upon a very modern twin building that had these traverses and some spotlights for effect. Did so many photos here and no tramway was seen to get us to Belem.  

023.15 Lisbon EDP Headquarters 

Lisbon is huge and my 3 days spent here, clearly were not enough.  

Before the SARS COVID-2, getting a hotel in this area was the hardest thing as many tourists came here from all around the world and even those that wanted to visit only the surrounding areas, chose also Lisbon…

I don’t think there is a shortage of hotels but know that finding a parking place in the central area will be even harder, if you have hotel there. So better stay out of the central area and use the subways instead.  

023.16 Ponte 23 de Abril

Thank you all very much for seeing the pictures and maybe reading a line or two and hope you will be back here at Pixels Travel for the next article, 


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