024 – Top things to do in Cabo da Roca – PT – the westernmost point of continental Europe

No travel to Lisbon or Sintra can be done without visiting the most western point of continental Europe.

This place is called Cabo da Roca and you can get here by car, bus (403 from Sintra or Cascais) or even by bicycle (18km from Sintra). From Lisbon you should take the train to Sintra and from there the bus.

Click on the map or here to get a better view

Cabo da Roca is a cape that is the westernmost point of Portugal, of Iberian Peninsula and of the continental land mass of Eurasia.

024.01 The road to Cabo da Roca and the ocean

This area is well known since ancient roman times and back then it was called Promotorium Magnum -> meaning Great Promotory (big land mass that advances toward the sea, or big cliff)

024.02 The green cliffs

Closer to our times but still some 400 years ago, this place had yet another name -> the Rock of Lisbon. I wonder way it wasn’t the edge of Portugal or the Edge of Europe…

Today, is just the Rock Cape -> Cabo da Roca

024.03 The rocky cliffs

Since I visited the Atlantic coast (France, Spain and Portugal) I concluded that when the sandy beach is missing, the next best thing are giant cliffs with rocks coming out into the ocean, like teeth prepared to smash the waves.

I don’t say that straight cliffs like in northern France (Calais/ Dunkerque) are not looking great, is just they are dull to look at.

Here you have cliffs in all colours, just look at the image bellow.

024.04 The eroded cliffs

One can only image the beauty that is this place, when the sunt sets, or rises, with the incredible long and orange/pink sky.

024.05 Rocks coming out of the ocean

Here you understand why drones are the best way to see the edge of Europe. By boat you will never get this close because of the dangerous shore, and while standing up on the cliff you will never see beneath you.

And speaking of boats, here is a building that is almost never missing from a Cape:

024.06 The lighthouse Faro da Cabo da Roca.

It isn’t a very impressive lighthouse (I will show in a few articles a much greater one) and because of that it wasn’t that hard for me to re-make it in Blender Software.

Since this place is the westernmost of Eurasia, I was thinking it will be more majestic, and filled with azulejos (Portuguese white ceramic tiles painted with blue images like a mosaic).

024.07 The Cross marking the westernmost point

Not far from the lighthouse is also the Cross marking this westernmost point in our continent. Pretty hard to get a picture with the lighthouse and the cross (only). On Wikipedia I saw great photos of it during the sunset, so think about coming here during that time.

024.08 Carpobrotus edulis

You might have saw sprinkles of yellow in my images and those are this flower: Carpobrotus edulis. This plant was put here just to cover a bit the shores, but it overgrown and now locals are not very happy about it.

So just like I shown in the first image of this article (the 3D card), not much time can be spent here since the place is more symbolical than full of places to visit.

024.09 A couple walking on the cliffs.  

Also like I said in the beginning, you can get here by bus from Sintra or Cascais (the bus 403) that is departing every 30 minutes. From Lisbon you can take also the train to Sintra and from there the bus.

With this westernmost point of Europe and of course of Portugal, we are also preparing to leave the country and go north.

But before that I have a special article to present to you.

Until then, thank you for viewing this one.


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