027 – Top things to do in Portugal – PT – a review of our journey

We are at our last article dedicated to Portugal, so , in the tradition of American movie series, we will show you the road so far (what we`ve showcased on pixelstravel.co):

To celebrate the first 25+ articles, we made a short animation that shows most of the 3D art that was made and used at the beginning of each article, featured on this website:

We started our journey from Minho river, in the north of Portugal, at the fortress of Valenca:

027.01 Valenca

From here we crossed the bridge to Spain, only for a few hours, at Tui.

027.02 Tui

Next, we went south to the ancient roman city, one of the first of Portugal: Ponte de Lima.

027.03 Ponte de Lima

From this Roman city we go to the ancient Roman Capital city of Braga (back then it was named Bracara Augusta, capital of of the province of Gallaecia)

027.04 Bom Jesus Cathedral and .05 Central area of Braga

Next we went further more south, on the Douro Valley, to where the famous grapes are being cultivated.

027.06 Douro Valley and the Steam journey

It only made fit to visit next one of the most popular cities of Portugal, that actually gave half the name of the country: Porto

027.07 Porto

Portugal name is made out of Portus + Cale (present day Vila Nova de Gaia, sitting just across the Douro River from Porto)

027.08 Vila Nova de Gaia

After this romantic trip, we descend even further south. We make a small stop to visit one of the most beautiful caves of Portugal: Grutas da Moeda.

027.09 Grutas da Moeda

From here, just a little bit much further, there are dinosaurs tracks, visible in the daylight, at Serra de Aire.

027.10 Serra de Aire

After this walk into the depths of the Earth and then in the depth of time, maybe is time to search inside our soul aswell, at Fatima.

027.11 Fatima

Further more south we come across one of natures wonders, Nazare.

027.12 Nazare

Not far from here we find, probably, the most romantic and beautiful fortress in Portugal – Obidos.

027.13 Obidos

From man made structures to man protected reservations: Peniche

027.14 Peniche

Further more south there is the biggest and most important community dedicated to those who love dinosaurs – Lourinha.

027.15 Lourinha

And finally we arrive to our favorite spot in the whole Portugal: Sintra

027.16 Sintra the city

027.17 Quinta da Regaleira

027.18 Moors Castle

027. 19 Pena Palace

027.20 Monserrate Palace

From Sintra, we leave to Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, the place were not long ago, daring people would adventure to discover new worlds.

027.21 Train stations of Lisbon

027.22 Lisbon by day

027.23 Lisbon by night

Finally, our last destination in the area is the westernmost point of Continental Euro-Asia – Cabo da Roca

027.24 Cabo da Roca

From here we go back north to Braga but this time, it is nighttime and it is Christmas Eve.

027.25 Christmas lights

And finally we are back in the north of Portugal, right at the border with Spain, back at the river Minho.

027.26 Vila Nova de Cerveira

Now, as you can see we made 26 articles, this being the 27th.

But it would be a shame to not have a new set of pictures that have the name 027.27… right?

So we will conclude the 27th article, with a set of two images from our 27th location in Portugal: Melgaco.

Thank you very much for visiting our website and we hope you enjoyed your stay and that you learned something or at least you`ve relaxed a bit while watching the photos and/or reading.

Thank you again to you all and to Portugal for being so tourist friendly!

027.27 Melgaco


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