030 – Top things to do in O Muino, Oia – ES – The best camping place

In the previous two articles we visited A Guarda, very famous for it`s Castros ruins (ancient Celtic settlements) and then we headed further north to Mougas where we went on the trails leading to a very beautiful waterfall. Not far from the later, there is a perfect camping site from where all this region can be easily visited (and much more, as soon to be seen on this website).

This is O Muino Camping in Oia and depending from which direction you come from, this beautiful white windmill can easily be spotted. In fact this is why we actually stopped here, so that we take a few photos and ask ourselves: how come we never stood here before?

This is the map showing the location of the camping, but also where you should park your car, if you just want to visit (and not stay).

030 – O Muino, Oia – ES – uMap (openstreetmap.fr)

Getting here can be done on bicycle from Baiona, on car but not on a bus. Actually that is why I presented Mougas first, and this place last, because in fact, the bus stop at that village. So there is a 1,5km walk to the campsite. Depending on the weather, you could walk back to the camping site, or maybe try your Spanish and ask the driver to make a stop at the Windmill.

030.1 Hotel O Penasco

You could ask to make the stop at Hotel O Penasco, that is at 2 or 3 minute walk to the Windmill (most time you lose crossing the street)

Also on the other side of the road (from where I am taking the photo actually) there is a rather curious, nose-looking parking post:

030.2 Parkin sign, with a nose shaped stone

There isn`t much to say for the area around the Windmill, other that if you are feeling thirsty, better have a drink at the Hotel because the camping is mostly reserved for the customers. Inside the Windmill Campsite there is a supermarket, as you enter to the left, where you can buy cans/bottles of fizzy drinks but not much choice (at least when we were).

030.3 Inside the Windmill camping site

This place is beautiful mostly because you are surrounded by nature (if you make abstraction of other campers) there is only the mountain behind, the shore to the left and right and the ocean in front.

030.4 The Windmill, the pool and the ocean

I don`t really wish to make publicity but I do want to say that staying here could not be any less than the best place (in the area). They have a fairly large pool (the ocean is very cold even late summer), tennis court, football field, Supermarket, a breathtaking view over the ocean. And a very beautiful Windmill that could help set the mood if someone is reading the The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote De La Mancha.

030.5 The Windmill and the mountains

Behind the camping site, lies the mountains and also not far from here is also the waterfall that we saw in the previous article. Actually from the trains that we took in the previous article, one can see the windmill far bellow the mountain.

Actually walking the paths up and down the mountain will provide you not only with unique vistas over the place and ocean but also with ancient artifacts from the stone age (the biggest finding in the area was a stone table used to perform rituals, that is now at the Archeological Museum in Pontevedra) and plenty of Castros erected by the Celts. Of course if you don`t want to hunt them down, you could go directly to A Guarda as shown in this article because most of them are in one place, more easy to access for all ages (even conditions).

030.6 The beach/shore

The only part that makes this place a 4,5 star camping spot, instead of a 5 star is the lack of a sandy beach. I mean there are spots with sand but you have to walk a bit to them and they don`t go as far as touching the water. The shore is mostly rocky, and if you don`t like this, then Baiona could be a better option for you during the morning maybe or during the afternoon. In fact, in the area, most mornings in the summer come with fog so you can stay here in the morning sun, and afternoon head to Baiona (like most do), but then you might have trouble with parking the vehicle.

030.7 An old lesson
030.8 The Windmill

If I ever get the opportunity, I might stay here much rather than at Baiona for one special reason: The sky at night.

Closer you are to bigger towns, the light pollution will deteriorate the quality of night-photos. In the next article we will show some night photos of the Milky-Way, taken not far from here.

I also love windmills for some reason… Even in Romania (my home-country) I would often go a famous park in the capital city, just to see the windmills. Wherever on a trip, if we spot one, and we can stop, then we get down from the car, snap a few pictures, visit it (if possible) and get back on the road.

And I do hope you enjoyed this article and we hope you shall visit the other articles as well.

Thank you,


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